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Concrete batching plant for China Railway 15th Bureau

Construction date: 2/23/2015
Location: From Datong to Xi'an China
Mixer model: JS2000 Concrete Mixer
Theoretical productivity: 120m³/h
Application: Railway Construction

Double HZS120 concrete batching plant for China Railway 15th

Project Description

Datong to Xi'an Railway Passenger Dedicated Line is an important part of the national "long-term railway network planning". The line starts from Datong City, Shanxi Province in the north, running through the central Shanxi Province, and reaches Shanxi Province in the south. It passes through Shuozhou City, Xinzhou City, Taiyuan City, Jinzhong City, Linfen City and Yuncheng City. It runs across the Yellow River in Shanxi Yongji City into Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, then pass through Lintong to Xi'an.

As a national project, the China Railway 15 Bureau has an extremely strict requirements on quality. First of all, equipment must be environmentally friendly in line with national requirements, followed by a certain high yield to ensure the smooth progress and finally, the equipment must be stable. After a careful study of the national concrete mixer manufacturers, finally they came CamelWay Machinery to purchase two HZS120 station. Batching plant manufactured by CamelWay Machinery is stable, environmental protection, high yield.

For the information intelligence, CamelWay Machinery ERP production management system adopts the Internet as the information platform to conduct a standardized management on the sales, production, operation, data statistics, Information communication of the batching plant. It can ensure to achieve real-time transmission, remote sharing, centralized management of production data between the units and stations, so as to save more labors and costs.

Customer's Evaluation

Project Manager of China Railway 15 Bureau, Mr. Cheng said: New type HZS120 concrete mixing plant is perennial durable, efficient and productive, with little noise and little dust. Although the price is much more expensive than the previous concrete mixing plant, the production efficiency is twice that of the concrete mixing plant. It is fully automated control, and save a lot of labor. We will continue to choose the CamelWay Machinery concrete mixing equipment in the future.

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