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Self-loading Mixers VS. Compulsory Mixers

Based on the mixing methods, the concrete mixers can be classified into self-loading concrete mixers and compulsory concrete mixers.

self loading concrete mixerSelf-loading concrete mixers are more suitable for mixing plastic concrete and low-fluidity concrete. The abrasion of its mixing drum and mixer blades is smaller and it is easy to clean, but its power consumption is high and the productivity is low and its mixing time is common 90-120s per batch. Self loading mixer is a small type of concrete mixers with the features of simple structure,light weight and easy operation. It is mainly used at the construction sites where concrete batching plants are unavailable, underfoot conditions are not suited for Concrete transit mixer trucks or labor availability is scarce or constrained, for example, some conditions needs small quantity of concrete like the mixing experiments often adopt it. What’s more, there are some applications including urban and rural construction, concrete pavement maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction, township-level highways construction, foundation construction, national defense facilities, construction of high-speed railway, medium-and-small sized precast concrete plant, etc. However, because self loading concrete mixer results in a larger abrasion to the concrete aggregates that will affect the concrete quality in addition to its efficiency is low, it is gradually replaced by the compulsory mixers.

camelway compulsory concrete mixerThe working processes of compulsory concrete mixer are: the mixer drum is stationary, and the blades evenly set at the vertical or horizontal rotating shafts in the mixer drum will compulsorily mix the concrete mixtures mainly including cement, aggregates, water and additives until they are mixed uniformly. This kind of concrete mixers have an intense mixing effect, and they are designed for producing hard or dry-hard concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and flow-ability concrete, etc., but its powder consumption is higher and the blades abrasion is faster, it should adopt high strength alloy steel or other wear-resistant materials as lining materials and it is usually used in central concrete batch plant. Compulsory mixer is a kind of multifunctional concrete mixing machine, suits for high quality concrete mixing work and it is the most economical concrete mixing equipment at present owing to its features of light weight, high productivity, good mixing effect, simple structure, easy operation, etc.

Camelway Machinery can provide 25-240m³ capacity of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixers for high quality concrete production.

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