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How Many Concrete Does a Large Mixing Plant Produce Per Hour?

How Many Concrete Does a Large Mixing Plant Produce Per Hour?


As an indispensable mixing tool in the construction industry nowadays, a large number of mixing plants are flooding the market. The models and prices vary. According to the demand of concrete, there are large, medium and small mixing plants. The following is the number of concrete per hour of large mixing plant, please take it as a reference.

Large mixing plant equipment has the characteristics of high automation, stable production quality, timely feeding, simple, low energy consumption, low noise, no oil pollution and environmental protection. It has practical value for large infrastructure construction such as water conservancy, airport, port, highway and large cube concrete. The typical models are HZS 240, HZS 180, HZS 120 and HZS 90. The estimate of the equipment is several hundred thousand to several million. The specific price depends on the model and configuration of the large mixing plant.

The output of different models of concrete mixing plant varies, and the productivity per hour of large mixing plant is:

         hzs300 hourly theoretical production capacity of 300 square meters;

         hzs270 hour theoretical production capacity 270 square meters;

         hzs240hour theoretical production capacity of 240 cubic meters;

         hzs180hour theoretical production capacity of 180 cubic meters;

         hzs120 hours theoretical production capacity of 120 square;

         hzs90hour theoretical production capacity of 90 square meters.

Note for model selection: The actual output of mixing plant is generally smaller than the theoretical output, so you can choose the model with slightly larger theoretical output.

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Small concrete mixing plant as a commonly used construction machinery, especially in the environment of accelerated urban and rural construction, the investment of small concrete mixing plant equipment has become a new choice for many investors. First of all, let's take a look at the composition and structure of small concrete mixing.

Small concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of material conveying system, mixing main body, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, control system and so on.  In the choice of feeding way, small concrete mixing plant generally adopts hopper elevator to convey aggregate, which is relatively low cost and small area. In addition, mixer, concrete pump, ground heavy star, etc. are not the overall equipment of the mixing plant, but also the related equipment required for the construction of concrete mixing plant.

Small concrete mixing plant has: hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60 and many other models, built a different size of mixing plant. The selected model and configuration and different mixing main body can affect the price.

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The quality of the mixing plant equipment. Different manufacturers of concrete mixing plant equipment production quality is different, different functions, different actual production capacity, the price is also different. In the case of buying and selling without loss, They always follow the rule of one point price one point goods. The relative investment of small concrete mixing plant companies has been very small. A set of small mixing plant equipment (such as hzs25 ) market value of about 100,000 yuan, medium concrete mixing plant equipment (such as hzs60 ) market value of 3.4 million yuan. The total investment of small concrete mixing plant needs several million yuan.

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