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HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant

Theoretical productivity:35 m³/h>

Rated Power: 75Kw

Mixer Model:JS750 Concrete Mixer

HZS35 concrete batching plant produces at least 25 m³ concrete per hour. The hzs35 batching plant mainly consists of the JS750 concrete mixer that produces 0.75 cubic meter concrete in 72s mixing cycling time and the PLD1200  aggregate bin which productivity is 56m³/h. HZS35 Concrete Batch Plant combines domestic and international advanced concrete mixing technology from the perspectives of meeting customers' requirements; this concrete batching plant adopts modular structure design, which makes it occupy a small occupation area and a convenient transition; It can install accessory equipment according to customer’s practical demand. Hzs35 concrete mixing plant is more suitable for small and medium-sized construction engineering projects.

HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant Construction Drawings.

Product Details

Mixing System
  • It is equipped with a limit switch at the mixer host cap. The automatic power off function of the mixer motor will take effect when you open the door, which is conductive to repairing and maintaining the whole machine.
  • The main shaft end adopts oil sealing technology, which can utmostly ensure the reliability of the shaft sealability.
  • The mixer blades and liner plates are made of wear-resisting metal materials, which can greatly prolong its service life.
Weighing System
  • The cement weighing hopper of concrete plant is suspended on the batcher rack by sensor, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the structure.
  • The water weighing hopper of concrete batching plant hangs on the rack through a sensor, and it uses the water pump to discharge materials.
  • The admixtures weighing hoppers of concrete batching plant adopt the single-point lifting sensor measurement, and the the weighing hoppers are made of stainless steel.
Aggregate Storing System
Aggregate Storing System of concrete mixing plant consists of storage buckets, weighing hoppers and flat belts.
Cement Silo
Cement silo of concrete batching plant is used to store bulk cement, and it can replace the building materials warehouse, which  has the features of small occupation area, long service life, low cost. It can proof water and moisture, reduce cement loss and environmental pollution.

Product Advantages

Precise Measurement & High Efficiency

Aggregate system of concrete batching plant adopts PLD1200 concrete batcher with a precise measurement and high efficiency; powder materials, water and admixtures are weighed on electrical scale with a high batching accuracy.

Consist and Reliable Mixing Results

HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant uses JS750 Twin Shaft Mixer with a skip hoist hopper, which has a consist and reliable mixing results and a high efficiency.

Comprehensive Modular System

The batch plant has a comprehensive modular system, which is good for installing and transferring.

Siphon Water Pump Sprays Uniformly

The water supply system of concrete plant uses the siphon water pump compression principle, which can accelerate water flow speed and make it spray uniformly.

Imported Advanced Components Have Outstanding Product Performance
The electrical control system of concrete batching plant adopts the imported advanced components with reliable performance, which can operate by manual or automatic method. It takes a comprehensive consideration of concrete technology and has the features of automatic ratio recipe storage, drop compensation, alarm and amendment for wrong measurement and cloud data storage.

TIPS: The specific configuration of the hzs35 concrete batching plant can be adjusted according to customers' installation site and actual demand. The professional engineers and technical staffs of Camelway Machinery will create a tailor-made concrete production solution based on customers' requirements.

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