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HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant

HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant

Theoretical productivity:75 m³/h>

Rated Power: 132 Kw

Mixer Model:JS1500 Concrete Mixer

HZS75 Concrete Batch Plant is a new type engineering concrete plant. Camelway HZS75 Concrete Plant has integrated international advanced concrete technology and Camelway 34-year mature manufacturing experience. Camelway Machinery is among the top of the small and medium sized concrete batching plant in China construction equipment. This Concrete Plant is equipped with 75 m³/h compulsory concrete mixer. Concrete Plant has been widely applied in various construction project, paving projects, precast concrete plants, ect.

hzs75 Concrete Batching Plant construction drawings

Product Details

Conveying System
  • Aggregate Conveying System adopts skip conveyor with a unique design and hopper and pathway that can effectively facilitate the  loading and unloading of aggregate. Compared with common inclined belt conveyor, it can save about 1/2 or 1/3 occupation area, which is suitable for build a simple engineering concrete batch plant.
  • Powder Conveying System uses the screw conveyor that is made of high quality steel pipe with excellent rigidity, bi-pitch blades to reduce the compression degree while delivering powder material, high-quality gearbox with heavy duty design, large torque and low noise; optionally uses universal joint ball that makes it easy to install and change direction; equips excellent quality mid hanging bearings and tail bearings leads to simple installation.
Sealing System
It is equipped with multiple-protection layer to seal the mixer end shaft, which can  prevent the mixer shaft from wearing so as to prolong its service life.
Lubrication System
It is equipped with lubricating oil pump to  lubricate and maintain the machine in time so as to decrease the machine failures and improve its durability.

Product Advantages

Excellent Mixing Performance:
It uses JS series double horizontal shaft compulsory mixer with short mixing and excellent mixing effect, which is suitable for mixing dry, half dry, hard, plastic and other types concrete with different proportion.
Simple Operating Performance:
The whole set of concrete plant is controlled by computer, which can be operated automatically and can also be operated manually. The dynamic panel can help the operator to clearly monitor the operation of different components. In addition, the computer control system can store and print the report forms.
Low investment & Convenient Maintenance
HZS75 engineering concrete plant adopts the skip conveyor with a small occupation. It is just equipped with a few devices, so it has the advantages of low investment funds simple maintenance.
High Security
It can be equipped with one independent control room that can make the operation of the equipment much easier.

TIPS: The specific configuration of the equipment can be adjusted according to the user’s installation site and actual demand. The professional engineers and technical staffs of Camelway Machinery will tailor a perfect solution based on each customer’s requirement.

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