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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Engineering Mixing Plant?


How much does it cost to build an engineering mixing plant? Mixing plant models ranging from hzs25 to hzs240, general investment costs range from tens of thousands to millions, which is a great concern for every investment friends, many friends say that the selection of equipment is important, but also account for a large part of the investment funds, at the beginning of the investment, the cost of funds do not need to count how fine, but must be able to do a number, whether the funds can run over, this must be fully considered, but At the same time some other details are also very important.

Rural, urban investment, usually choose small mixing plant equipment, such as: HZS25/35/50 and other three models;

Third-tier, fourth-tier cities, it is recommended to choose medium-sized mixing plant, such as: HZS60/75/90, etc.;

For investment in first-tier and second-tier cities with increased demand for commercial concrete, it is recommended to choose large concrete mixing equipment, such as HZS120, 180, 240 and other models.


Mixing plant with high profit, quick profit and better prospect, is the choice of many people to invest. Overall, in the selection of models, it is important to understand the daily supply of concrete required for the project, so as to determine the required model. Otherwise, either the model is too large, resulting in more supply than demand; or, the model is too small, resulting in more supply than demand. In either case, it will cause unnecessary losses and slow down the smooth progress of the whole project.

How much does it cost to build an engineering mixing plant? It has a lot to do with the model and configuration, so let's read on.

Although the mixing plant includes mixers, batching machines, cement tanks, weighing scales, control systems, screw conveyors and other equipment, but they are not the same, take the mixing host, there are ordinary js series double horizontal shaft mixer and the mainframe of Sigma to choose from, the price difference between the two is a lot, 50T, 80T, 100T, 200T, 300T cement tank prices are also different, and each customer The number of cement tanks for mixing plants is also different.

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