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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block

AAC BlocksAutoclaved aerated concrete block is mainly composed of siliceous materials (river sand, fly ash, tephra, etc.) and calcareous materials (cement, lime), except for these raw materials, it also needs to add moderate amount of regulator admixtures. After the processes of mixing, casting, foaming, static cutting, autoclaved curing, these materials will be produces as a new type environmentally friendly wall materials with the features of light weight, thermal insulation and fireproofing.

The products advantages: It is stable and durable like masonry materials, and it has a low density, light weight, which is easy to carry and construct; It can be saw and planed like wood materials, which is easy to handle; It has an outstanding thermal insulation performance; It is fireproof, safe and environmentally friendly.

Systematic Advantages: The most economical: Light weight can reduce the cost of the construction structure, and less fabrication procedures and short construction period lead a lower project cost. The most safe: It has integrated outer walls maintenance, thermal insulation and fireproofing functions, and it has no potential risks of cracking, dropping off and firing caused by material aging; The most reliable: It has a same long service life of the building and there is totally no risk of indoor use of radioactive and chemical contamination.

Typical Applications: It is usually used as the wall blocked materials in industrial and civil construction projects, the thermal insulation materials in thermal bridges construction, as the thermal insulation materials at the roofing system. And it also can be applied as decorating and refurbishing materials.

If you want to learn more information about AAC blocks production, our concrete solution for AAC block is for your reference.

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