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The Trouble of Concrete Batching Plant and Troubleshooting (I)

During the process of using HZS90 and HZS120 concrete batching plants , there're often six errors due to the aging, wear and environmental impact of parts and components. This passage will introduce three of them.

I. The weighing of cement scales is not accurate.

    The fault shows that the correct value can be displayed after adding the weight calibration. After the unloading, the digital value does not return to zero. And after clearing, the loading weight changes greatly if add weight calibration on it again. However, the resistance value is in the normal range when you check the sensor, and the dashboard is okay.
    Fault Analysis:
    The angle iron of the fixed weigher frame for transportation has not been removed; the scale body interferes with the outside world; the sensor models don't match; the material is not placed in the middle when weighing material.
    Adjustment Method:
    If the angle iron for transportation has not been removed, it shall be dismantled in time; if the scale body interferes with the outside world, it should be isolation timely; if the sensor models do not match, it should be replaced the same sensor model; the place of material should be adjusted if the material is not placed in the middle when weighing.

II. Difficulties in opening and closing the unloading door of batch bin

    Form of Fault:
    The fault manifested itself as slow and inability of the cylinder, however, the mechanical part of the unloading door wasn't friction or seizure when checking, and there was no leakage of the solenoid valve or cylinder.
    Fault Analysis:
    The air path is poor, such as filter element, which is at the triple air-water separator of gas source, is too dirty, resulting in poor gas path, so that the gas flow in per unit time decreases, finally resulting in slow cylinder activity; muffler is dirty, the pressure difference that between the rod chamber and the rodless chamber becomes smaller when the cylinder is working, which results slower cylinder movement.
    Adjustment Method:
    If the air path is not smooth, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time; if the muffler is dirty, it should be cleaned in time.

III. The discharge port does not discharge material

    Form of Fault:
    When the contactor pulls in and the motor rotates clockwise, the discharge port of the screw conveyor doesn't discharge materials, and the air switch will trip once the time is longer; the motor is still tripped after restart the air switch, and the powder is not solidification.
    Fault Analysis:
    Maybe the mother machine is reversed; the air switch could be damaged; the connection of mother motor may have a poor contact.
    Adjustment Method:
    If the main machine is reversed, adjust any two of the motor connections will be okay.; if the air switch is damaged, there is no doubt that it should be replaced; if the motor wiring of the main engine has some bad contact, check and handle it.

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