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The Trouble of Concrete Batching Plant and Troubleshooting (II)

During the process of using HZS90 and HZS120 concrete mixing stations, there're often six errors due to the aging, wear and environmental impact of parts and components. This passage will introduce the other three.

I. The Difficult of Stir Shaft Rotation

    When the mixing machine is mixing mortar, the stirring shaft is difficult to rotate, or even stops.
    Fault Analysis:
    Severe overload; secondary feeding caused by human error; weighing is not accurate; the large gap between stirring/ side blade and the tank wall, or there is foreign matter stuck; voltage is too low; stirring parameters has a wrong setting.
    Adjustment Method:
    If the material is overloaded, the stirring capacity should be adjusted in time; if the manual operation causes secondary feeding, the excess material should be removed and operated according to the operating instructions; if the weighing is not accurate, the operator should be re-scale; if there is foreign matter stuck, the gap between the blade and the liner should be adjusted, making that it is no more than 5 mm, besides, the foreign matter is promptly cleaned; if the voltage is too low, to re-check the line voltage; if the parameter is set incorrectly, correct it in time.

II. The host discharge door can’t be opened.

    The main discharge door can't be opened when the batching plant is working automatically; the discharge indicator does not light when the mixing is completed.
    Fault Analysis:
    There is foreign matter or build-up material between the discharge door and the sealing plate; the pressure of the air system is insufficient, the cylinder leaks or the lubricator is damaged; the connection lines between the electromagnetic valve and the relay falls off, the virtual connection or the relay is damaged; the solenoid valve coil burns.
    Adjustment Method:
    If there is foreign matter or material between the discharge door and the sealing plate, foreign matter and material accumulation should be cleaned and the discharge door should be flushed; if the pressure of the gas system is insufficient, the cylinder leaks or the lubricator is damaged, the lubricator, cylinder and joints should be inspected, making sure they're in good performance; if the connection between the solenoid valve and the relay falls off, the virtual connection or the relay is damaged, the relay contact output and wiring should be checked and replaced if necessary.

III. Deviation of Conveyor Belt

    The first is that the conveyor belt runs to the same side under no-load and loading conditions, that is the central-line of the conveyor belt is laterally deviated, the conveyor belt is biased towards one side that has little material. The second is the conveyor belt deviate to left or right and the deviation has no fixed direction. Third, the conveyor belt deviates in the middle of the conveyor machine.
    Adjustment Method:
    If the conveyor belt is deviated to one side, the roller group should be moved in the forward direction, or the other side roller group can be moved backwards. The method of adjusting the return roller group is as same as the carrying roller group. For conveyor systems, which has a long conveyor belt, adjusting the roller set is very effective.
    The adjustment of the diverting roller is an important part of the adjustment of the deviation of the conveyor belt. The installation position of the roller must be perpendicular to the center line of the conveying direction of the conveyor, otherwise the deviation will occur.

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