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Application of Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher in Limestone Aggregate

Due to its good friability and low abrasiveness, limestone is widely used in the production of concrete aggregates. For cement enterprises, there are many advantages to produce aggregates by using limestone tailings. This article will introduce several crushing process and equipment of limestone aggregates, analyze the cost and finished product effect of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and other equipment.

I. Limestone aggregates' crushing process and equipment introduction

Nowadays, the crushing of limestone aggregates usually takes the following four crushing processes and equipment:

(i) The first option is to use a jaw crusher and a impact crusher. This solution is widely used at home and abroad, even for world-class companies. The process is mature and reasonable; it owns high operation rate and a moderate investment price.

(ii) The second option is to use a impact crusher and a impact crusher. The features of this solution is that has short processes, low power consumption, high operating rates, and moderate equipment investment.

(iii) The third scheme uses two hammer crushers. The scheme is simple in process and low in equipment investment, however, it has low operation rate and many powder materials. Besides, the output will drop greatly with the hammer head wears.

(ⅳ) The fourth scheme uses a jaw crusher and a cone crusher. This process is generally used for the crushing of highly abrasive rocks. There are few applications on limestone because of the large investment and high maintenance requirements. However, the proportion of powdered materials in the products is less in all processes. It has a big significance in the area where the powder material (0~10mm) is low in price.

II. Application of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

In the process of configure and design limestone aggregate crushing production line, it is found that in the production process of limestone aggregate, using multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is another excellent choice for limestone production of aggregate. In order to introduce the production process, a limestone aggregate production line with a production capacity of 800t/h will be introduced as an example.

The maximum feed size of the production line is 900mm. The raw material is limestone with high hardness. The equipment is equipped with jaw crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, feeder, vibrating screen, feeding sieve, dust collector, ect. Finally we get the finished material with a particle size of 0~5mm accounted for 17%, 5~10mm accounted for 12%, 10~25mm accounted for 45.4%, and 25~31.5mm accounted for 25.6%.

Among them, the comparison between the aggregate produced by the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and other crusher products is shown in the following picture.


III. Cost comparison and analysis

In the 800t/h limestone aggregate production line, the first scheme is using jaw crusher and impact crusher, the power of the host equipment is about 1565kw (the power is for reference only, specific parameters are subject to the manufacturer's specifications ), the life of wearing parts of impact crusher is 1~2 years, the distribution of product particles is 0~5mm accounted for 22.7%, 5~10mm accounted for 20.6%, 10~25mm accounted for 35%, 25~31.5mm accounted for 21.7%, the needle and flaky particle content is less than 5%.

The fourth option is using jaw crusher and cone crusher. Although the cone crusher is used, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of laminating crushing, the particle shape is good, and the needle and flake particles are also very low, which is less than 10%, and it meets the national standard of aggregates. The power of the host equipment is about 1459kw; the service life of the consumables of the cone crusher is 3~5 years.

Cost comparison

The power difference between the first and the fourth scheme is 106kw. Assuming that equipment works 16 hours for one day and 300 days for one year. The difference in electricity bill is 106kw×16h×1 RMB×300d=50.88 million RMB.

In the case of the same design capacity, if adopts the fourth option, the aggregate output of 10~31.5mm increased by 14.5% (116t/h), and the content of powdered material (0~10mm) decreased by 14.3% (114t/h). If it is replaced with the third scheme of the hammer crusher and hammer crusher, the proportion of aggregates from 0 to 10 mm is higher.

In summary, the fourth scheme of jaw crusher and cone crusher has higher economic value than the traditional hammer crushers, jaw crusher and impact crusher. Compared with the traditional equipment, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a more stable particle size composition, better granular shape, simple operation and flexible adjustment, and the yield rate is over 80%. Therefore, in the selection of equipment, we must consider the market factors, product quality and the comprehensive operating costs of the production line, analyze the economic benefits according to local conditions, and choose the appropriate solution.

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