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Concrete Batch Plant Dust Control

Controlling dust can reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent. The followings are some dust control measures while establishing a Concrete Batch Plant.

I. Establish a closed aggregate bin

When establishing the concrete batch plant, a closed aggregate bin should be designed. At the same time, the wall adopts the new building material hollow brick, which not only prevents the dust of aggregate into the surrounding environment, but effectively reduces the noise pollution of the construction vehicles.

II. Concrete batch plant external packaging

The host of concrete plant is enclosed in a fully enclosed external package; the aggregate feeding belt, at the same time, is packaged to reduce the probability of dust being discharged into the atmosphere during aggregate transportation. When designing the packaging scheme, it is necessary to increase the degree of sealing as much as possible. Since the concentration of dust discharged from the main host is small and there is a external packaging, the concentration of atmospheric dust discharged into the surrounding environment can be controlled to a smaller index.

Partial sealing: In the aggregate conveying process, the upper and lower system junctions are exposed to the surrounding environment; the dust is easily discharged into the atmosphere. Besides, this joint has many moving parts and is difficult to seal.

III. Concrete batch plant host dust removal

The traditional host dust removal introduces the traditional dust collector; the mixer cover, the cement metering silos and the fly ash metering silos are connected with the dust collector. This dust removal method of batching plant plays a certain role in dust removal, but the effect is not good.

IV. Cement silos dust removal

The traditional dust removal method of concrete plant sets a bag type dust collector in the warehouse top, but the effect is general. If the bag filter is changed to the airflow backflushing dust collector, and the pipe dust collector is added on this basis, filtering the airflow through the dust collector again to reduce dust pollution of concrete batching plant.

V. Host water spray method

In the main water injection method, traditional way can not suppress dust. The following methods can be used for dust reduction: increasing the pressure pump, improving the nozzle structure, forming a water curtain when water is poured, suppressing the dust.

VI. Feeding process research

Experimental research on the timing of feeding with sand, stone, cement, water and other materials and cross-feeding method has resulted in an optimal feeding process, which plan to effectively reduce dust emissions of concrete batch plant.

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