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Aggregates in Concrete

Aggregate is a rock like material and usually occupies about 1/3 of concrete by volume. It is widely used in municipal and civil engineering construction projects such as Portland cement concrete, Asphalt concrete, Base materials for roads, Ballast for railroads, Foundations, Plaster, mortar, grout, filter materials, etc. Natural aggregates can be divided into various types according to different classifications methods as is shown in the below table.

The General Classification of Aggregates

Production Methods
Natural Aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone, lime stock)
By-product Aggregates (blast-furnace slags, cinders, fly ash, etc.)
Processed Aggregates (perlite burnt clays, shales, processed fly ash)
Colored Aggregates (glass, ceramics, produced marble)
Petrological Characteristics
IgneousRocks (quartz, granite, basalt, obsidian, pumice, tuff)
Sedimentary Rocks (sandstone, limestone, shale)
Metamorphic Rocks (marble, slate, schist)

Their Unit Weight
Normal Weight Aggregate (sand, gravel, crushed stone)
Light Weight Aggregate (slag, slate and other light stones)
Heavy Weight Aggregate (hemotite, barite magnetite, steel, iron punchings)

Particle Size
Fine Aggregate(sand)
Course Aggregate(gravel)

Aggregates in concrete can be mainly defined into two types: fine aggregate(FA) and course aggregates (CA). FA is normally called sand including natural sand and manufactured sand which size is from 0.075㎜ to 4.75㎜; CA is generally called gravel including natural gravel and crushed stone which size is greater than 4.75㎜. Aggregate has a huge influence on dimensional stability, elastic modulus, durability, workability and the cost of concrete.

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