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The Challenges of Manufactured Sand in Concrete Production

As we Know, River sand have been used as fine aggregate in concrete for centuries. But exploiting River sand is now banned in many places due to its adverse environmental impacts. Due to the shortage of River sand, many concrete producers have turned to use manufactured sand in place of river sand as fine aggregate for concrete. Manufactured sand is sand produced by crushing rocks, quarry stones or larger aggregates pieces into sand-sized particles. But we have encountered several problems when use the manufactured sand.

First, the River sand particles, which have been subjected to attrition when washed downstream along the river, are generally rounded in shape, whereas the manufactured sand particles, which are produced by crushing, are generally angular in shape. The high angularity of the manufactured sand particles would increase the friction between aggregate particles and thus, for the same concrete mix proportions, would lead to a lower workability. As a result, the concrete producers are forced to increase the water and cement contents to compensate for the reduction in workability.

bad shape Manufactured Sand
bad shape Manufactured Sand

Second, the River sand, which has been subjected to washing by river water, generally contains a lower fines content whereas the manufactured sand generally contains a much higher fines content. The high fines content in the manufactured sand would increase the surface area of particles to be wetted and thus increase the water and superplasticiser demands of the concrete mixture. Again, the concrete producers have to increase the water and cement contents to cope with the increase in surface area. Third, the fines content in sand may contain deleterious materials, such as clay or weak minerals in the rock, which are harmful to the concrete produced.

Camelway Manufactured Sand Solution

The aggregates typically make up about 60–75% of the volume of concrete,  Camelway Know the aggregates fill up a large portion of the volume of concrete mainly to reduce the amount of cement paste needed to produce the concrete. Furthermore, they also provide volume stability to the concrete because they generally have higher elastic modulus and lower drying shrinkage than the hardened cement paste  and do not generate heat during curing. Camelway committed to helping customers produce high quality aggregates, No matter coarse aggregates or fine manufactrured sand.

good shape sand
good shape manufactrured sand.

ZS Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher for manufactrured sand

ZS series vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine equipped with only one motor, which is mainly used in manufactrured sand making and shaping.

HZSL Modular Sand Crushing Plant for manufactrured sand

HZSL series modular sand making plant is a compact solution for producing artificial sand, which is mainly composed of sand making, screening, humidity regulating, dedusting and centralized control system. It has the advantages of small occupation area and environmental protection, so it is especially suitable for producing manufactrured sand in ready-mixed concrete mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant.

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