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Difference between vertical shaft planetary mixer and twin-shift concrete mixer


The user chooses the vertical shaft planetary mixer or the JS Twin-shaft concrete mixer,The simplest way to judge is,Degree of requirement for mixing uniformity, The stirring advantage of the JS Twin-shaft concrete mixer is the ability to perform rapid, high-volume mixing. The JS Twin shaft is equipped with a plurality of mixing arms, and the mixing blades are designed with angle design,During the stirring process, strong mechanical agitation can be obtained, and the formed cross-flow can also enhance the stirring effect and accelerate the stirring efficiency. However, in the uniformity of mixing, the JS Twin-shaft concrete mixer is not as good as the stirring homogenization of the vertical shaft planetary mixer.

vertical shaft planetary mixer

concrete mixer

Choosing a vertical shaft planetary mixer means that the customer has a very high requirement for the uniformity of the material after mixing. Through the planetary agitator, specially designed running track and the unique structure of the vertical shaft, It is decided that the uniform effect of the vertical shaft planetary mixer is not replaced by other mixing equipment.,Therefore, the vertical shaft planetary mixer is specialized in mixing high-performanc concrete, while the vertical shaft planetary mixer is also used in other industries: Cement products, fabricated construction lines, fiber concrete, shale, foam concrete, permeable brick fabric mixing, ceramics, various refractory materials, solid waste treatment lines, converter mud, tailings, etc.

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