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Self-Loading Concrete Truck Mixer

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Self-Loading Concrete Truck Mixer


The self-loading concrete truck mixer is a mobile concrete mixing device that combines multiple functions of feeding, metering, mixing, transportation and unloading, realizing concrete transportation and on-site construction. This equipment is often used in road repair, ditches construction, urban construction maintenance, municipal engineering construction, tunnel construction and other concrete construction projects. Meanwhile, self-loading concrete truck mixer significantly reduces the labor intensity of workers and enhances production efficiency and construction speed.

Camelway self-loading concrete truck mixer has the advantages such as high production efficiency, strong adaptability and durability. In addition, it powered by a diesel engine with 4 wheels. Therefore, the maximum climb angle is up to 30%, making it easy to handle complex construction requirements.

Self-Loading Concrete Truck Mixer


1. The mixing tank achieve a horizontal rotation of 270 degrees, discharging materials in multiple directions.

2. The tank and the blades are all made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, which makes its service life increased by 30%.

3. Feed hopper and detachable chute adopt multi-layer high-strength wear-resistant lining, making its service life increased by 50%.

4. The self-loading concrete truck mixer adopts unique four-dimensional mixing technology. It has high mixing effiency, fast discharging speed and low residual amount.

5. The mixer is powered by four-wheel drive which can adapt to a variety of complex construction environments.

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