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HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant

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HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant


The HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant adopts modular design, which combines the sand making, screening, feeding, conveying and dust removal systems. This machine has the characteristics such as small footprint, short construction period and fully enclosed design, which meet the requirements for the production of mechanical sand in the city. The HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant meets the high-grade sand production requirements. Moreover, it is suitable for projects with limited site area and high environmental protection requirements, such as the dry mortar plant and the commercial concrete batching plant.

The Camelway HZSL Modular Manufactured Sand Plant adopts the our ZS single-electric mechanism sand machine. The feeding granularity can reach 100mm; the sand formation rate can reach more than 50%; the fineness modulus can be controlled at 2.2-3.0. Meanwhile, its gradation distribution is uniform; its stone powder content is controllable; its finished sand grain shape is excellent. Overall, it could be compared with natural sand and effectively improve the strength and durability of concrete, as well as the pumping performance.

HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant


How much is the HZSL Manufactured Sand Plant?

The configuration of the manufactured sand plant plant is relatively complicated. There are multiple factors that may affect the price, including processed material characteristics, final output, material size, ect. Tell us about your specific requirements, we will contact you within 24 hours to offer the production solution and quotation.

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