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Transit Mixer

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Transit Mixer


The Transit Mixer is otherwise known as concrete mixer truck that transports ready-mixed concrete. It consists of mixing drum and a transport truck. Usually, it keeps the mixing drum rotating when transporting concrete to delay the concrete solidification time, increases the concrete transportation distance, and ensures the concrete quality. Currently, the transit mixer is widely used in various commercial concrete plants and large and medium-sized concrete projects. By using the car networking technology, customers can achieve functional management, real-time tracking, and view vehicle operating status.

Camelway Transit Mixer have the characteristics such as high mixing efficiency, low fuel consumption, faster discharge speed and higher safety.

Transit Mixer


1. Does the concrete have to be transported by a concrete truck mixer?

The main function of the concrete truck mixers is to transport the concrete and ensure its quality. If projects is close to the batch plant, you can use a dump truck or other vehicles to transport concrete.

2. Can I purchase it in installments?

Yes, installment purchases are available in Mainland China.


1. Concrete truck mixers are special vehicles. Drivers must obtain corresponding qualifications. Please observe the traffic regulations.

2. To ensure safe driving, please follow the manufacturer's instructions for regular maintenance. 

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