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Mobile Crushing Plant

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Mobile Crushing Plant


Camelway mobile crushing and screening plant is mainly used to deal with construction waste treatment, mining mines, quarries and other projects. Different from the stationary crushing plant, the mobile crushing and screening plant is easy to move; it takes small floor space, which is convenient to move from one place to another.Camelway provide mobile crushing plants for primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing. It is equipped with different mobile screening and conveying systems, meeting the requirements of various quarrying, mining and construction waste treatment.

Mobile Crushing Plant


Mobile Crushing Plants for Aggregate Production

For the aggregate crushing industry, Camelway mobile crushing and screening solutions gains customers’ trust. Our tire-type mobile crushing plant usually transports by tractors, improving transportation efficiency and reducing the cost. At the same time,  if Camelway mobile crushing plant combined with the primary, secondary mobile crushing station and mobile screening system, it can help customers quickly produce all kinds of sand and gravel aggregates.

Mobile Crushing Plants for Mining

For various open pit mines, Camelway mobile crushing solutions help customers crush the ores of the construction site. At the same time, it replace the dump truck, reduce the cost of procurement, transportation and labor, and reduce road maintenance. In addition, our mobile crushing plants have small turning radius and flexible maneuverability. It is suitable for small and medium-sized mines. On the contrary, the crawler-type mobile crushing plant is suitable for large-scale and continuous mining; it also meets the production requirements of large open pit mines.

Mobile Crushing Plant for Construction Waste Recycling

The recycling of construction waste is not only beneficial to the environment, but can generate huge profits. Camelway mobile construction waste process plant can screen, crush and recover various types of construction waste on the spot. In addition, it can easily handle the processing of various building gravel, concrete, asphalt and bricks.


1. How much is the mobile crushing plant?

The configuration of the crushing plant is very complicated. There are many factors that may affect the price, including processed material characteristics, final output, material size, ect. Tell us your specific requirements, we will contact you within 24 hours to offer the production solution and quotation.

2.Which one should I choose, the mobile crushing plant or the stationary crushing plant?

They are applicable in different scenarios. The main advantage of the mobile crushing plant is that it can be moved flexibly, and it has a high asset preservation rate. However, its cost is higher than the stationary crushing plant, and its output is easily limited. If there is a short-term project, it is recommended to use a mobile crushing plant. The stationary crushing plant can be applied in other long-term projects.

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