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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Mobile batching plant is a mobile concrete production facility. The main advantage is that it has lower requirements for foundation construction, and it can be built and put into production at the production site, and it is used to produce on-site ready-mixed concrete for various short-term and frequently-changed project. Camelway mobile concrete batching plant adopts compact design and can be directly transported by container or by hauling trailer. It has small occupation and does not need foundation. It can adapt to various harsh construction sites to meet production need after quick installation. Besides, it is widely used in concrete road laying, port construction, channel construction, etc.

For medium and long-term concrete projects, we also provide engineering-specific temporary concrete batching plant, which adopts the features of simple structure, quick installation, convenient disassembly and stable production, and is reliable even after repeated replacement of the working site.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


1. Should I choose the mobile batching plant or the stationary batching plant?

The mobile batching plant is mainly used in short-term projects. Its productivity is usually below 100 m³/h. At the same time, its silo's capacity is generally small. Besides, some manufacturers classify the portable batching plant and simple batching plant as the mobile batching plant. If you are not sure that you need mobile batching plant or not, you can contact us for help.

2. Does the cement tank of the mobile batching plant need the foundation?

Yes. The mobile batching plant does not contain cement tanks, which means that you still need to make foundation for cement tanks. But we also offer a kind of foundation-free horizontal cement tank with a modular design, you can contact us for more information.


1. The actual production capacity in site may be less than the theoretical value.
2. The unloading height is the receiving height of the standard concrete transport tanker, which can be changed heigh according to actual need.

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