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Planetary Concrete Mixer

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Planetary Concrete Mixer


The vertical shaft planetary mixer is a new type of vertical shaft structure mixer, which drives the main shaft to rotate by the overhead motor. The stirring device on the stirring shaft can rotate around the central axis to ensure no dead angle during the mixing process. The unique blade-type blade allows the material to move in both horizontal and vertical directions, which is more conducive to breaking the agglomeration of the cement particles, making the bonding between the molecules better, and achieving uniform mixing of microscopic meaning.

Due to its numerous advantages, vertical shaft planetary mixers are not only used to mix concrete, but mix various foam concrete, steel fiber reinforced concrete, ceramics, refractory materials and so on.

Camelway's vertical shaft planetary mixers have the characteristics such as reliable operation, low operating cost, high mixing efficiency, ect. Moreover, it can be equipped with lifting hoppers or belt conveyors according to production requirements.

Planetary Concrete Mixer


Which type of mixer should I choose, a twin shaft mixer or a vertical shaft mixer?

The twin shaft mixer can produce concrete quickly and efficiently. At the same time, it has characters of low wear, low failure rate and high durability. In addition, the twin shaft mixer can meet the needs of producing concrete in harsh environments, such as building dams and producing ready-mixed concrete. On the contrary, vertical axis planetary mixers are good at mixing all kinds of dry materials. It is suitable for the production of precast concrete, colored concrete, dry concrete and so on.

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