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Integrated Cement Silo

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Integrated Cement Silo


Camelway manufactures integrated cement silos for the concrete batching plant. The integrated cement silo can be used directly, which has the advantages of high strength, good sealing performance, rust and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it is widely used for storing cement, fly ash, mineral powder and other materials. Camelway provides storage parts of cement silos, including dust removal systems, pressure reducing valves, position measurement systems and others.

Integrated Cement Silo


1. How do you tansport the cement silos?

Transporting integrated cement silo is a little bit troublesome. Please tell us in which city that your cement silos are used. If it is a long distance, we recommended to use our split cement silo, Camelway provides on-site installation guide services.

2. What is the discharging materials' height of the cement silo?

It is customized according to your needs.

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