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Temporary Concrete Batching Plant

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Temporary Concrete Batching Plant


Temporary Concrete Batching Plants manufactured by Camelway Machinery are a more economical way to produce high quality concrete mix at construction sites for specific projects or temporary works. It adopts simple design and compact structure, reducing the initial investment cost and putting into production quickly. Over the years, it has established cooperative relationships and provided thousands of equipment with many well-known engineering contractors at home and abroad, including Gezhouba Group(CGGC), China Communications Construction, Power Construction Corporation of China, etc.

According to different requirements, Camelway provides the temporary concrete plants with different configuration. The skip hoists concrete plant has the advantages such as small footprint, simple structure and easy transition, which can be used for small and medium-sized projects. The belt type concrete plant has stable operation and large output, meeting the requirements of medium and large-scale projects. Meanwhile, the double mixer concrete plant usually aplies in large-scale projects. In addition, Camelway offers installation solutions for customers, such as dust removal, noise reduction, and aesthetic appearance.

Temporary Concrete Batching Plant


1. Temporary Concrete Batching Plant Price?

Camelway temporary concrete plant has different models. And the different model has different configuration according to engineering requirements. Thus we can not give you an accurate quote online. But we will offer a solution and quotation to you if you tell us your specific needs.

2. Temporary concrete batching plant or mobile concrete batching plant?

We recommend that if your project needs to be moved frequently, use a mobile concrete batching plant, otherwise use a temporary concrete batching plant.

3. Difference between temporary concrete batching plant and stationary concrete batching plant?

Camelway's temporary concrete batching plant is also a kind of stationary concrete batching plant, but mainly designed for produce concrete mixtures on site, theoretical production capacity is 20 to 240 cubic meters per hour. While stionary concrete batching plant of Camelway with higher production capacity and more optional configurations, suitable for large projects and commercial concrete production in cities.

4. Should I purchase commercial concrete or build a temporary concrete plant?

The price of commercial ready-mixed concrete has risen steadily. In China, the price of C30 concrete has reached more than 650 RMB per cubic meter(In 2019). Therefore, if your project requires a small amount of concrete, buy commercial concrete is a more cost-effective option. If the total demand for concrete is more than 30,000 cubic meters, we recommend that you build a temporary concrete plant.


1. The capacity of the concrete plant is theoretical productivity, and the actual capacity may be less than the theoretical value.
2. The floor space refers to the footprint of the main body of the concrete batching plant. It does not include the floor space of the aggregate yard, living area, laboratory and other functional areas. The concrete plant of the same type may adopt different structural forms according to the needs of users. The footprint and standard footprint are different.
3. The discharging height is the receiving height of the standard concrete mixer truck. It can be adjusted according to the actual  needs.

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