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Temporary Concrete Batching Plant

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Temporary Concrete Batching Plant


The Temporary Concrete Batching Plant use for producing concrete for temporary works. Unlike the Permanent Batching Plant, the Temporary Concrete Plant does not require too much administrative permission, and its construction period is shorter. Camelway Machinery can provide engineering-specific concrete production solution for concrete projects of different scales. Over the years, it has established cooperative relationships with many well-known engineering contractors at home and abroad, including Gezhouba Group(CGGC), China Communications Construction, Power Construction Corporation of China, ect.

According to different engineering requirements, Camelway Machinery provides customers with temporary concrete batching plants with different configuration options. Our hopper loading concrete plant has the advantage of small occupation, simple structures, convenient and quick installation, which can be used for small projects. The belt type batching plant is stable with large production volume, which can meet the needs of medium and large-scale projects. The double mixing plant equipped with 2 mixers can meet the needs of large-scale projects. In addition, Camelway Machinery Manufacture Co., LTD. has rich experience in designing environmental friendly concrete batching plants, and can provide users with high standards of environmental protection for concrete mixing plant construction, including dust removal, noise reduction, and aesthetic appearance.

Temporary Concrete Batching Plant
Capacity 20-240m³/h* FootPrint 180-1000㎡* Discharge Height 4.2m* Batching Accuracy ±1%


1. How much is the temporary Concrete Batching Plant?

We provide users with 25 to 240 cubic meters per hour of engineering concrete, and there are 10 types of batching Plant involved. Every configuration of the batching plant is also flexibly configured according to engineering requirements, so it is impossible to give you an accurate quotation online. So you can tell us your specific needs, such as the number of concrete produced, production, etc., we will issue a plan and quote for you as soon as possible.

2. Can the temporary batching plant sell concrete to the outside?

In mainland China, temporary batching plant are strictly prohibited from selling concrete. The laws and regulations of other countries and regions are different. Please consult the local authorities.

3. Should I buy a commercial batching plant or temporary Concrete Batching Plant for my project ?

The price of commerical ready-mixed concrete has risen steadily. In China, the price of C30 concrete has reached more than 650 RMB per cubic meter. If your project requires a small amount of concrete, you can buy commercial concrete. But if your total demand for engineering concrete is more than 30,000 cubic meters, we recommend that you had better set up your own batching plant.


1. The production capacity of the mixing plant is theoretical, and the actual engineering use may be less than the theoretical value.
2. The floor space refers to the floor space of the main body of the mixing plant. It does not include the floor space of the material yard, living area, laboratory and other functional areas. The mixing plant of the same type may adopt different structural forms according to the needs of users. The occupied area may vary from the standard area.
3. The unloading height is the receiving height of the standard concrete transport tanker, which can be changed according to the actual engineering needs.

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