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Continuous Aggregate Batcher

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Continuous Aggregate Batcher


The continuous aggregate batcher is a batching machine that adopts the flow metering method. The system controls the material flow rate by controlling the speed of the belt through the variable frequency motor to realize the batching. Because it adopts the method of flow metering, the continuous aggregate batcher achieves continuous production. Thus, it is suitable for the projects that have large demand for productivity. With the precise sensor and intelligent control algorithm, the accuracy error of the Camelway continuous aggregate batcher can be controlled within 6%. At the same time, the number of aggregate silos can be customized according to customer's needs.

Camelway continuous aggregate batcher can meet the batch demand for various sand and gravel aggregates. If the aggregate batcher is equipped with Camelway continuous mixer and other ancillary equipment, it is able to meet the production of various types of cement stabilized soil, cement stabilized gravel and other road base materials.

Continuous Aggregate Batcher


1. How much is the concrete aggregate batcher ?

The aggregate batchers as a customized machine, have various models. Because different number and capacity of aggregate batchers and batching accuracy have different prices. In addition, there are multiple factors that influence the price, such as transportation cost, delivery methods, ect.  We'll send the exact quote to you after you email your requirements to us.

2.How to choose the proper aggregate batchers?

There are several aspects that you can take as a reference while choosing aggregate batchers. Firstly, the type of aggregates. Different concretes have different requirements for different types of aggregates. Generally, one aggregate requires at least one aggregate silo. Secondly, the capacity of the aggregate silos. Camelway aggregate silos make the capacity up to 25 cubic meters per silo. Smaller aggregate silos have higher loading frequency. Thirdly, productivity and metering accuracy. For different industries, Camelway provides aggregate batchers with different metering methods, including pneumatic open door single-type aggregate batchers, pneumatic open door multi-type aggregate batchers, belt conveyor aggregate batchers, continuous aggregate batchers, etc. We'll recommend the proper machine to you if you tell us your requirements.

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