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Dry Concrete Batching Plant

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Dry Concrete Batching Plant


Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant is a kind of concrete plant for special application that is utilized in projects with low concrete quality requirements and long distances. Compared with wet concrete plant, the dry concrete batching plant mixes concrete by concrete truck mixer, so it also be called as "Transit Mix Concrete Batch Plant". When the dry concrete batching plant working, each system feeds the weighed aggregates into the storage hopper, then loading the material into the truck mixer,and finally add water and other additives in the truck mixer. The concrete truck mixer controls the rotation of the tank at a speed of at least 70 revolutions per minute to achieve the purpose of mixing.

Dry Concrete Batching Plant


1. What is the difference between Dry Concrete Batching Plants and Wet Concrete Batching Plants?

The main difference between dry and wet batching plants is that the dry concrete batching plant without a central mixer, they use a concrete mixer truck to mix and transport concrete. So dry batching plant is also called as "transit mix concrete plant", wet batching plant is known as "central mix concrete plant". The initial investment of dry concrete mixing station is lower than that of wet mixing station.

2. Can Wet Concrete Plants produce Dry Concrete?

By controlling the mixing time of the central mixer, Camelway wet concrete plants can meet the demand of temporary dry and semi-dry concrete production.


1. The productivity of concrete plant is theoretical capacity; the actual capacity may be lower than the theoretical value.
2. The discharging height is the receiving height of the standard concrete mixer truck, which can be adjusted according to the actual need.

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