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Foundation-free Concrete Batching Plant


What is the foundation-free concrete batching plant?

The foundation-free concrete batching plant is a simple concrete batching plant, a modern construction equipment that quickly produces high quality concrete. The foundation-free concrete batching plant consists of an aggregate batching system, lifting hopper, concrete mixer, metering unit, and a control system.

Foundation-free concrete batching plant is not without foundation,but has a shallow foundation, which also needs to harden the ground. The foundation-free batching plant does not need to dig a deep foundation like a stationary concrete batching plant. It eliminates the process of designing and installing the foundation, and can greatly save the time and basic cost of building the station.

Foundation free Concrete Batching Plant

foundation-free concrete batching plant application

The advantage of the foundation-free concrete batching plant is to save the construction time and basic cost, so for those who need to change the site frequently construction, hydropower, roads, ports, bridges and other construction projects and large-scale concrete construction projects, the foundation-free concrete batching plant is very suitable.

Camelway specializes in the production of foundation-free concrete batching plants for more than 30 years and is able to offer a wide range of production solutions. Contact us for quotes and product details.

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