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Concrete Batching Plant Types


Concrete Batching Plant Types

Concrete batching plants divides into different types according to different classification criteria. The following is a brief introduction to the different types of batch plants.

Concrete batching plants, generally, are divided into stationary concrete plants and mobile concrete plants. This is a basic classification that many manufacturers distinguish at the time of production. Most of the stationary batching plants adopt the modular and splicing design, which is mainly used for large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers or related manufacturers of concrete components. It usually applies in large-scale engineering construction, owning the features of strong production capacity and stable anti-interference. The mobile batching plant is towed by a towing unit, which has good maneuverability and makes the production more flexible. It generally uses for various small and medium-sized temporary construction projects. Besides, it can be rented for personal use.

According to the application, the concrete batching plant is divided into commercial concrete plant and engineering concrete plant. The commercial concrete plant is a concrete mixing station based on commercial purposes. It should be efficient and economical, meeting environmental protection standards. The engineering concrete plant is often for self-use. The buyer should have a consideration that whether it is in accordance with the engineering.

According to the number of concrete mixers, the concrete batching plant divides into a single host batching plant and double host batching plant. The model name of the double main mixing station is the "Double HZS" series concrete batching plant. For example, Double HZS25 concrete batching plant means that this batching plant equips with two JS500 concrete mixers.

According to the weighing method, it divides into independent weighing and cumulative weighing methods. On the one hand, independent weighing equips with a separate weighing unit for each material. After weighing each material, these materials will be mixed in the mixer. This weighing method has high precision, but it has a complicated design and cost. On the other hand, the accumulated weighing is to add all the aggregates into the unified hopper. It is prone to errors and unfavorable for the final production, and the more the number of batching bins. Besides, The more batching bins, the more likely the deviation will occur. So this method is not suitable for large projects. It, however, has a simple structural design and low cost.

Camelway concrete batching plant

Camelway, as a manufacturer over 30 years, manufacturing all types of concrete batching plants. Besides, it helps customers achieve sustainable profit by offering tailor-made concrete production solutions.

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