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25m3 / h Philippines Concrete Batching Plant


In December 2019, Camelway installed a small HZS25 concrete batching plant in the Philippines. Turned out to be Hopper type,Adopt belt feeding by communicating with customers, Using two 60-ton cement silos, Production reaches 25 cubic meters per hour, Use of high output twin-shaft concrete mixer, Our engineers took a lot of installation videos at the site, and customers who want to buy a concrete batching plant can visit the site and consult.

HZS25 concrete batching plant installed in the Philippines

25m3 h Philippines Concrete Batching Plant

Philippines small concrete mixing plant manufacturer

As a trans-international company, producing high-quality concrete batching plant is our minimum requirement. Our aim is to provide cheap prices, high quality, and good service. We have 36 years of production experience. We are a large-scale concrete batching plant supplier. Our company produces various types of concrete batching plant (list of concrete batching plant types). This set of equipment installed in the Philippines is a small concrete batching plant, which has begun to be used. Looking at the customer's smile, we know that the customer is very satisfied with our service.

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