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Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Philippines


In recent years, the Philippine economy has developed greatly, and its economy ranks first in the ASEAN. The GDP has increased by 7%! In the past five years, the Philippines has maintained an economic growth rate of more than 5%. The government encourages foreign investment, and actively invests in public construction and develops special economic zones.

The construction of urban buildings are often essential for a country's growth, so the concrete batching plant industry is a very popular industry in the Philippines. In the next 15 years or even longer, this industry will be a long-lasting industry,  cause there will be a market if there is demand.

concrete batching plant for sale Philippines

Camelway Machinery specializes in the production of concrete batching plants for 36 years. In order to contribute to the construction of the Philippines, we have launched a series of concrete batching plants for sale in the Philippines, eg: fixed concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants, small concrete batching plants, simple concrete batching plants, as well as various types of brick machines, crushers, and other construction equipment. So how choose the right type of equipment for your own?

How to choose a concrete batching plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is also called(commercial concrete batching plant) ready mixed concrete batching plant. It is suitable for large-scale projects. It is enclosed and modular, with the advantages of no pollution and no noise. It is suitable for cities that value environmental protection. For example Metro Manila the capital of the Philippines.

The mobile concrete batching plant is also called portable concrete batching plant. Its biggest feature is the ability to move. It is very convenient in terms of installation and disassembly, and it is suitable for the project of changing the construction site frequently. Such as bridges, highways, and other projects.

concrete batching plant for sale Philippines1

Small concrete batching plants, also known as simple concrete batching plants, are called small batching plants. On the one hand, the production is relatively small. Another reason is that the composition of the batching plant is very simple, but the production capacity is exactly the same as the ordinary batching plant. The biggest advantage of this batching plant is that it is cheap。 and it is very convenient to transport, install and disassemble. Very suitable for customers with less budget, this is a batching plant specially developed by Camelway Machinery, have a good market.

The Philippines has a tropical rainforest climate with high temperatures and rains, high humidity and many typhoons. The annual average temperature is 27 °C, and the annual precipitation is 2000-3000 mm. Therefore, our company has made many changes to the batching plant. From the batching plant legs to the anti-corrosion paint, we have achieved the ultimate. Greatly increased service life.

Philippine concrete batching plant price

Because we are manufacturers, there is no middleman, the customer and the factory directly contact, so the price of our concrete batching plant is lower than the market price, Camelway Machinery specializes in the production of concrete batching plants and other construction equipment for 36 years, has a wealth of experience and looks forward to working with you.

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