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Concrete Mixer Pump


The Concrete Mixer with Pump is a new type of equipment that combines the functions of a concrete mixer and concrete pump. It is very convenient for moving from one construction site to another. The pump is applicable not only for large sizes of concrete units, but also for precision stone concrete or mortar. Suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized large roads and house designs. It can also work in areas of unequipped generator.

Camelway Concrete Mixer With Pump

1. Adopts an open hydraulic system, which with stable and reliable performance, low failure rate.

 2. Integration control for mixing and pumping, wireless remote control, which makes operation more convenient.

 3. Specialized double doors for the electrical box, which are impervious to dust and water, as well as good sealed performance.

 4. Adopts wear-resistant alloy material for concrete mixer, thereby extending the service life.

 5. Equipped with a double row of tires that have heavy weight, are stable, and can be towed on rough roads.

Advantages of Concrete Mixer with Pump

 1. Lubrication system. Adopts automatic lubrication system, high lubrication pressure with steady lubrication effect.

 2. The power system. Adopts domestic and world famous engine and diesel engine.

 3. Management system.  equipped with a wireless remote control, making the work more flexible and convenient.

 5. Electrical parts. Main electrical components from Schneider or ABB, greatly improved reliability.

 6. Hydraulic connecting rubber hose. ensures safety and lack of leakage from the hydraulic system.

 8. S-shaped valve. Wear-resistant cast iron material, has the advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wear.

 9. Glass plates and a cut loop. Made of wear-resistant metal, has a long service life.

 10. Concrete piston. Finely processed imported material, has a good hydraulic resistance characteristic, highly wear-resistant material and high thermal capacity.

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