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Accumulated Weighing Hopper Batcher

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Accumulated Weighing Hopper Batcher


The accumulated weighing hopper batcher comprises a weighing hopper and several aggregate silos. During operation, materials in each aggregate silo are sequentially transferred to the weighing hopper by the conveyor belt. After completing metering, the belt below conveys all the materials. In addition, the Camelway PLD accumulated weighing hopper batcher adopts high-precision electronic weighing sensor and automatic control system. At the same time, it has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high batching precision, strong durability, high productivity, etc.

The Camelway PLD600-PLD1600 series aggregate batcher produces up to 75 m³/h. Meanwhile, it can be used for batching maximum 4 kinds of materials. It is appropriate for all small and medium concrete batching plants and concrete mortar plants.

Accumulated Weighing Hopper Batcher


1. How much is an aggregate batcher?

The price is influenced by many factors such as the specific product requirements, payment and delivery methods, raw materials and transportation costs.So we are unable to give a price online.If you want to consult the custom-tailor equipment, please email your requirements to us for the latest quotation.

2. Can you provide an aggregate batcher with more than 4 aggregate silos?

Camelway accumulated weighing hopper batcher offers up to 4 aggregate silos. For more than 4 types of materials, we recommend choosing an accumulated weighing belt batcher or independent weighing batcher. You can contact us for quotes and details.

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