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Difference between Concrete Mixer and Concrete Batching Plant


Camelway is a manufacturer of concrete mixers and concrete batching plants (concrete mixing plant). Both types of equipment are designed for the production of building mixtures. What is the difference and what is the application scope?

What is a concrete mixer?

A concrete mixer is a piece of equipment designed for the preparation of concrete and other mixtures. According to the principle of operation, there are continuous and batch actions. Also, according to the mixing method, they can be of the gravity type and compulsory type. By design - there are planetary shafts and vertical shafts. Each type of mixers has its own characteristics. Camelway managers will help you choose the equipment that will best meet the needs of your production.

Concrete Mixer

Such equipment is purchased for small production volumes, for private purposes, and if concrete mixes are needed only periodically.

Concrete Batching Plant

The concrete batching plant(concrete mixing) is a complex of technological equipment. The main task is to produce mixtures on an industrial scale, sufficient to meet the needs of production. Management can be manual or automated.

The batching plant is selected for the volume of production and the required amount of concrete for one work shift. This allows you to optimize the costs of materials, energy and working time.

concrete batching plant

Batching Plant include the following equipment:

  1. concrete mixers (of different types);
  2. water dispensers, cement dispensers and other components;
  3. Aggregate Batchers
  4. Cement Silos
  5. screw conveyor
  6. carpet for feeding inert masses;
  7. Air compressor;
  8. operator's cabin;
  9. automatic control system;
  10. metering frame, metering ladder, outfeed hopper, etc.

Batching Plant of Camelway Machinery

We are a manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment. We produce concrete mixers with a bowl from 500 to 5000 l, as well as concrete mixing plants with a production volume of 15 to 240 m3 / hour. All equipment is provided with an official quality guarantee for 2 year. We also offer installation and commissioning services.

Equipment from Camelway is your foundation for successful work! Contact us, our team will help you solve the most difficult issues, and you will be satisfied with our cooperation.

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