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Accumulated Weighing Belt Batcher

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Accumulated Weighing Belt Batcher


The accumulated weighing belt batcher suspends the conveyor belt from the load cell. It weighs the aggregates without the weighing hopper. When the system is working, cylinders open the valve of the aggregate silo in turn, and the materials are discharged to the conveyor belt below, weighing of the weighing sensor. After all the materials have been weighed, the conveyor belt starts to work, transporting the material to the next processing position.

The Camelway accumulated weighing belt batcher that adopts high-precision sensors and automatic control system. It can automatically complete a variety of sand and gravel aggregate work. At the same time, it has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high batching precision, strong durability, high productivity, etc. In general, it is suitable for all kinds of medium and large concrete batching plants, concrete mortar plants, etc.

Accumulated Weighing Belt Batcher


1. What is the difference between an accumulated weighing belt batcher and an accumulated weighing hopper batcher?

The main difference between them is to determine if they equip with a weighing hopper. The batching amount of accumulated weighing hopper batcher is affected by the size of the hopper. Thus the accumulated weighing hopper batcher is usually used in some small ready-mixed concrete plants, concrete block production lines and others.

2. How much is an accumulated weighing belt batcher?

The price is influenced by many factors such as the specific product requirements, payment and delivery methods, raw materials and transportation costs. If you want to consult the custom-tailor equipment, please email your requirements to us for the latest quotation.

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