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Concrete is the bread of the construction industry. And just like the production of bread, high-quality concrete requires not only a good formulation but also the right preparation, You also need to increase productivity at the right time, which primarily depends on Concrete Patching Plants. The concrete batching plant is intended for the preparation of highly homogeneous rigid and plastic concrete mixtures with a fineness of aggregate up to 70 mm on heavy and light aggregates, as well as mortars. The concrete batching plant can work in workshops and in open areas under a canopy at a temperature not lower than +5℃(without heating and insulation measures).

Big Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer - Camelway Machinery

The main activity of Camelway Machinery: design and production concrete mixing equipment: mixers for various materials, mortar and concrete mixers, concrete batching plants with full automation and all components: cement silos, aggregate batchers, load cell, conveyor belt, and so on.

small concrete batching plant
Simple Compact Concrete Batch Plant Manufactured by Camelway Machinery

Camelway offering high-quality equipment and providing all services, our concrete batching plant has gained stability, competitiveness and has earned a high reputation in the market of concrete mixing equipment.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

We offer mobile and semi-mobile concrete mixing plants, with a type of construction on wheels and on a container frame.

Mobile concrete batching plants pay off very quickly and are a profitable investment. All wearing parts are made of durable materials and can be replaced separately if necessary, which significantly reduces production costs.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stable, continuous, and high-quality concrete production equipment.

Compact and economical Concrete Batching Plant

We manufacture special models of mobile and stationary concrete plants Compact and economical model. These models have the basic configuration, which is necessary for the production of high-quality concrete. A minimal set of equipment makes these plants attractive for the price, despite the fact that they produce concrete of very high quality.

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