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SkipType Concrete Batching Plant For Sale In Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan concrete batching plant

Concrete is a building material that is needed in any building. Therefore, if you have a skip type concrete batching plant, then its operation will bring you considerable profits anyway. In this regard, you can look at the Camelway Machinery concrete plant. This modern high-tech product will enable you to produce high quality concrete.

The skip elevator is designed to supply concrete aggregate aggregates (sand, gravel, gravel) and consists of a movable hopper that is moved along the guides by an electric winch through a system of blocks. were able Reduce loading height,  Automatic mode

SkipType Concrete Batching Plant For Sale In Uzbekistan

Skip type concrete batching plant in Camelway Machinery

Uzbekistan Camelway Machinery specializes in the production of skip type concrete batching plants of various capacities, for example: skip 25m3/h concrete batching plant, skip 35m3/h concrete batching plant, skip 50m3/h concrete batching plant, skip 75m3/h concrete batching plant.

The difference between skip concrete batching plant and belt concrete batching plant is that one is belt feeding and the other is hopper feeding. The biggest advantage of skip batching plant is that it has a small footprint and can save costs.

We have sold many skip type concrete batching plants to Uzbekistan, and we have a wealth of experience in installation and sales.For better service, we have a branch office in Uzbekistan that can respond to your questions in the quickest possible time.

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