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What Are the Measures of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Mixing Plant?


Many people think that building an environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant is very simple, the entire mixing plant and the material yard are all closed, is environmentally friendly mixing plant, but the fact is that such a simple treatment of the mixing plant are not in line with national environmental standards, 80% of the stations are outlawed. So what exactly is an environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant, and what are the measures to build an environmentally friendly mixing plant?

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Environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant, that is, in environmental considerations, the construction of a new environmentally friendly mixing plant equipment with high efficiency, energy saving, green, noise reduction, dust removal and wastewater treatment as one of the sealing.

Handling of dust

From the main station to the backyard dust to be solved, the main station adopts high efficiency pulse back-blowing active dust removal, plus large lantern dust removal, installation of mainstream fans to keep the air in the station fresh, powder tanks using bin top dust removal and ground concentrated dust collection, can also be concentrated on the batching layer platform dust collection, through the screw conveyor to the powder weighing, mixing station using pressurized spray unloading water to reduce the amount of dust in the mixer, the backyard encapsulated above the room after Spraying device is installed on the shelf, spraying treatment is carried out at the turning point of forklift loading, and there will be no dust raised when the forklift goes back and forth in the work, and proper spraying of aggregate can reduce the dust of aggregate, and spraying device can also be set on the guide chute between flat belt and inclined belt, which can be programmed to handle the aggregate.

Noise treatment

The air compressor is enclosed in the room, which can reduce the noise. The main station is improved with various kinds of vibration damping, the operation room is designed independently to reduce vibration and noise, and the background material yard is fully enclosed with color steel plate, which can reduce noise.

Sewage treatment

The wastewater produced by using sand separator to wash the mixing tanker is precipitated to the mixing pond through primary, secondary and tertiary, and is recycled through the electric control experiment, so there is no wastewater pollution to the outside world.

The plant greening

According to the standard of garden, high standard greening is adopted with trees, irrigation, flowers and plants. For example, garden landscapes are set up in the center of flower beds, bonsai are placed in the office area, and flowers and plants are planted around the fence, so that the commercial concrete station truly reflects the humanistic concept of garden style. The greening area accounts for 30% of the area of the office and living area of the centralized commercial concrete station.

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Only when the above four items are met can a qualified environmental protection mixing plant be considered. The fully enclosed mixing plant is only the most basic external performance, and it is only a matter of time before the key issues are solved and the mixing plant is banned.

Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery reminds users that some manufacturers in the market are doing general mixing station business under the banner of environmental protection station. Please do not believe the lie of low price and good quality, if you want to build a set of green mixing station, please accept the value of environmental protection station and the price it deserves.

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