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What is a Central Mix Concrete Batching Plant?


A Central Mix Concrete Plant is a type of Concrete Batching Plant that mix concrete with all the material in a central mixer of the concrete batching plant, the other type is truck mix concrete plant, which mix the concrete in a truck mixer. In other words, central mix concrete batching plant is concrete batching plant with mixer, truck mix concrete plant is concrete batching plant without mixer. In some area, central mix concrete batching plant named as wet mix concrete batching plant, and truck mix concrete named as dry mix concrete batching plant.

Central Mix Concrete batching Plant
A simple type of central mix concrete batching plant

Where is the Central Mix Concrete Batching Plant used for?

In most area of the world, projects only use central mix concrete batching plants, because every project need high quality concrete. In some area like South America, some people use truck mix concrete, because concrete plant far from the project, they use the truck to mix concrete, then add water to it. Its advantage is that it can increase the solidification time of concrete.

Camelway Concrete Batching Plant

Camelway Machinery is a trusted provider of turn-key concrete batch plant equipment, service, and parts to the ready-mix and precast concrete industries. We have all kinds of concrete batching plant for sale. stationary and mobile concrete batching plants are built to maximize your productivity, the quality of your mix, and your return on investment. Temporary concrete batching plants are built to help project produce concrete ownself, reduce project costs.

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