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Concrete Batching Plant Conveying Methods


In the concrete batching plant, there are three modes of conveying: hopper conveyor, belt conveyor and screw conveyor.

Hopper conveyor & Belt conveyor

The concrete batching plant usually transports aggregates by hopper conveyor or belt conveyor.

The advantage of the hopper conveyor is that it occupies small footprint and has simple structure. Otherwise, the belt conveyor has the advantages such as large conveying distance, high efficiency and low failure rate.

Screw Conveyor

In the concrete production process, it ofent uses the powders such as cement, fly ash and mineral powder. The concrete batching plant, at present, mainly adopts screw conveyors to transport powder materials. For large concrete mixing plants, they also pneumatically transportes powder materials .

The screw conveyor has the features of simple structure, low cost and reliable use. Liquid transport mainly refers to water and liquid admixtures, which are separately delivered by the water pump.

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