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cProcess of Sand Crushing Plant HZSL


Recently Camelway launched the new HZSL Modular Sand Crushing Plant which has been designed to offer Complete and Modular Sand Crushing Solutions. HZSL series modular sand making plant is a compact solution for producing artificial sand, which is mainly composed of sand making, screening, humidity regulating, dedusting and centralized control system. It Crushing the Fine Crushed Rock to the well-rounded manufactured sand.

The Process of Sand Crushing Plant

First of all, the coarse aggregate is obtained by crushing rock from quarries, then the conveyor convey the coarse aggregate to the VSI Crusher, this crusher not only crushes the rock to produce fine particles but also grinds the particles to remove the sharp edges and pointed corners on the particles so as to improve the shape (or more specifically, the roundness) of the particles.

Process of Sand Crushing Plant HZSL

After crushing, the crushed material is fed into an air screen to remove the excessive fines content and control the grading of the particles.

Basically, the crushed material is fed through the feeder into the dispersion chamber. Inside the dispersion chamber, the crushed material is separated into different size fractions by the blower, which blows air onto the crushed material so that particles of higher fineness are blown up to a longer distance. The fines content, which has the highest fineness, are blown up to the dust collector, while the bulk of the crushed material falls downward onto the mesh screen, where particles of the right fineness are allowed to pass through and drop to the product collector and oversized particles are returned to the ZS Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher for re-crushing.

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