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Independent Weighing Hopper Batcher

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Independent Weighing Hopper Batcher


The independent weighing batcher adopts the same number of weighing hoppers as the aggregate bin. When the system is working, the unloading door of all the aggregate bins is firstly opened by the cylinder; the materials enter the respective weighing hoppers through the discharge door. With the high-precision sensor suspended from the weighing hopper, the system senses the materials’ weight in the current hopper and adjusts the size of the unloading door of the aggregate bin through an intelligent control system. When the materials in the weighing hopper finish the metering and weighing completely, the discharging door under the weighing hopper is opened; the conveyor belt starts to work.

The PLD series independent weighing batcher manufactured by Camelway Machinery which has numerous characteristics such as simple structure, convenient installation, accurate metering and high productivity. The machine adopts automatic an control system which let it automatically complete the batching production of sand and gravel aggregate. Generally, it is widely applied in large and medium-sized concrete batching plants. At the same time, it is an ideal equipment for producing high quality concrete.

Independent Weighing Hopper Batcher


1.What is underground type aggregate bin?

The main body of the underground type aggregate bin is located underground; the size of the aggregate silos can be designed according to clients' specific requirements. In general, it is suitable for large concrete batching plants and commercial concrete plants. Meanwhile, Camelway has rich experience in manufacturing and installing concrete plants.Thus we can create an installation solution of concrete batching plants or underground type aggregate bin. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us for a precise solution.

2.How to choose a right aggregate bin?

For large projects, we recommend a pneumatic independent weighing aggregate bin. A belt weighing and aggregate bin usually applies in medium-sized projects; a single-hopper weighing aggregate bin is recommended for small and medium-sized concrete projects. As for the projects that have lower requirements, Camelway continuous aggregate bin is a good choice.

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