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How to Select Large Size Concrete Batching Plant?


Compared with small batching plant, large one needs more capatical investment, so how to select suitable batching plant to achieve profit quickily.
Here are some tips.

Get clear what our own concrete production need.

1. Select concrete mixing plant according to the scale of production and the annual output.
The annual output is less than 200,000 m3, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally not less than 90m3/h; the annual output is 200,100,000 m3, the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally 120m3/h; the annual output is more than 300,000m3, and the productivity of concrete mixing equipment is generally It is 150m3/h or 200m3/h.

Pay attention to the construction object and environment

1. If the construction site needs large amount concrete, the components quality requirements are high, and there is none another batching plant nearby to supplement, you'd better choose two smaller size batching plants, or one batching plant with double concrete mixers.
2. If the jobsite traffic is inconvenient, it takes a lot of time for maintenance personnel to enter and leave the construction site, you's better choose double batching plants, and prepare enough spare parts to ensure smooth construction progress.
3. When the construction site is scattered, but the distance between the construction sites is not too far, the conveying radius of the concrete truck is not more than half an hour, and the dump truck transportation is no more than 10 minutes. The multi-work number is used for centralized mixing to improve the utilization rate of the mixing station and the economic benefits of construction.

concrete batching plant quality

1. how does the batching plant feed and unload aggregate? it's manual or automatic.
2. Is it easy to operate the batching plant ?
3. What's the breakdown rate?
4. Is it convenient to check and change spare parts?

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