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What is the Commercial Concrete Plant?

What is the Commercial Concrete Plant?


The Commercial Concrete Plant consists of mixing system, aggregate bin, fly ash storage silo, metering system, control system and other components. It is usually as a permanent facility used for producing high quality commercial concrete. With the fully enclosed design and automation technology, Commercial Concrete Plant owns the advantages of environmental-protection, energy-saving, high-efficiency, stability and safety.

Mixing System

Due to uniform mixing and high productivity, mixing system usually uses a twin-shaft compulsory mixer. It has good mixing effect on dry hard, semi-dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete. The hydraulic opening mechanism of the mixer can adjust the opening degree of the discharge door as needed.

Introduction of electronic control system

The electronic control system is composed of two high-performance industrial computers, one is used as the main control production system, and the other is used as the management and monitoring system.

Metering system

The metering system is a key component that affect the quality of concrete and the cost of concrete production. It is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. In generally, the batching plant below 20 cubic meters per hour adopts the superposition weighing method, that is, the aggregate (sand, stone) is weighed with a scale, the cement and the fly ash are weighed with a scale, water and liquid admixture. In the batching plant that is more than 50 cubic meters per hour, we usually use the method of weighing each material independently, and all weighing is controlled by electronic scale and microcomputer.

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