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What are the metering equipment for concrete batching plants?

What are the metering equipment for concrete batching plants?


The metering equipment is an important system for the concrete batching plant. It plays a role in weighing the materials. The accuracy of metering equipment has a relationship with the quality of concrete. The metering systems typically include aggregate metering systems, powder metering systems, and liquid metering systems.

Aggregate Metering System

The aggregate metering system is the aggregate metering equipment. According to the numbers of aggregates, aggregate bin may has 2 silos, 3 silos or 4 silos. If it is an independent metering, the aggregate metering equipment requires 2 or 3 or 4 silos. If it is an accumulative metering system, one aggregate metering device is required.

metering equipment Aggregate Metering System--Aggregate Bin

Powder Metering System

The powder metering system refers to the measuring device of powdery materials, including cement, mineral powder and fly ash. If cement, mineral powder or fly ash is used in concrete proportioning, cement metering equipment, mineral powder metering equipment and fly ash metering equipment are required respectively.

Liquid Metering System

The liquid metering system refers to the water metering device and the liquid additive metering device. The water metering device uses to metere the amount of water used in a batch of concrete. And the water consumption is different according to different ratio. The liquid additive metering device usually uses to weigh additives, such as retarders, synergists, antifreezes, etc.

All in all, the concrete batching plant usually combines with a plurality of metering devices, such as aggregate metering equipment, cement metering equipment, fly ash metering equipment, mineral powder metering equipment, water metering equipment and admixture metering equipment. The sensors used in the metering equipment have a great influence on the measurement accuracy, so the user must pay attention to the brand of the sensor when purchasing concrete batching plant.

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