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Concrete mixing plant winter hot water mixing method


winter Concrete mixing plant

In the process of using the concrete mixing station in winter, it is necessary to carry out antifreeze and heat preservation on the gravel aggregate and water, additives, etc. to produce the concrete that meets the requirements. At present, the common practice in the industry is to lay the pipeline at the bottom of the aggregate silo and use the boiler to produce Steam or hot water heats and heats the aggregate. The advantage of this is that it is simple and efficient, but it is a little complicated to build. For the temporary need to produce concrete in winter, hot water mixing can be used to produce concrete.

Hot water mixing method for producing concrete

According to the local temperature and the icing of the aggregate, select the hot water of the appropriate temperature after the test, put the aggregate and hot water into the mixer for pre-stirring, and make the heat exchange between the aggregate and the hot water to make the bone The ice and snow in the material are fully melted, and the aggregate is uniformly heated. The final temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius, and it usually takes about 20 seconds. Then, cement and other additives are added, and the mixture is produced according to the operation requirements. The advantage of this is that the heating point is small, the energy consumption is small, and the implementation is convenient, but the production efficiency is greatly reduced. If the sealing performance of the mixer discharge port is poor, water leakage may occur. Hot water mixing can be used for equipment with low productivity and in areas where the ambient temperature is not low but the climate is dry.

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