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How to use the concrete batching plant to make profits


What is concrete batching plant?

The concrete batching plant is a modern equipment for the production of concrete that produces uniform and high quality concrete quickly and efficiently.

concrete batching plant application

Concrete batching plants are widely used. Whether it is buildings, bridges, highways, water conservancy, railways, etc., there are concrete batching plants in many places. Some customers buy a small concrete batching plant to build a house, or use As a small project, the small batching plant is useless after the construction of the house or after the completion of the project,Based on Cameway's many years of experience in producing concrete batching plants, it is possible to give customers a way to make a profit from a small concrete batching plant.

How to use the concrete batching plant to make profits

If you have a small concrete batching plant, you can use it to sell concrete to make a profit. The price of a cubic concrete is about 300-400 RMB. Many people buy commercial concrete batching plants to sell concrete for profit. For example, if you have a HZS25 Concrete batching plant, what is the profit of the 25 concrete batching plant? The HZS25 small concrete batching plant can theoretically produce 25 square meters of concrete per hour. In fact, due to the supply of raw materials and the skilled operation of the workers, the 25 concrete batching plant can produce concrete at around 20 square meters per hour, 8 hours a day. The production time is 300 days in a year. The HZS25 concrete batching plant can produce about 48,000 cubic meters of concrete a year, About 300-400 RMB per cubic meter of concrete, you can earn between 14.4 million and 19.2 million yuan a year.Remove raw material costs. It is your net profit, and the profit is still very impressive.

Camelway specializes in the production of concrete batching plants for more than 30 years. Whether it is a small concrete batching plant or a commercial concrete batching plant, Camelway now sells concrete batching plants to the world.

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