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Precast Concrete Batching Plant Build Pre-fabricated House in Sydney’s north-west, Australia


Precast Concrete Batching Plant Build Pre-fabricated House in Sydney’s north-west, Australia
In Sydney’s north-west, it appears a new housing concept, Heuga builds homes in 15 days, which uses the prefabricated concrete wall to complete the house. Precast concrete batching plant plays a important role for casting the exterior and interior walls, now let see how the prefabricated house stands up.


Precast Batching Plant for Prefabricated House

There are concrete slabs, external shell, roof and water-proofing, which are transported to working site after shaping, which are locked up one by one, the whole process takes almost 15 days. Typically, it takes four months to build a new house by a traditional house-builder model, now we can have a new home in 15 days.
Instead of on-site construction, producing pre-fabricated pieces and parts by Precast Concrete Batching Plant, which can not only save the construction time, but also gurantee the house quality cause the house owner can monitor the whole construction process and project matetials.
The truth is that the builders in Japan and European has already carried out this way for house building for a long time, especiall for huge projects, there will be more and more pre-fabricated construction in the future, so it's time to set up a Precast Concrete Batching Plant to follow the pace of the times.

precast batching plant in sydney

hzs75 Precast Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

hzs75 batching plant could produce 75m³ concrete per hour, it's equipped with js750 twin shafts concrete mxier. It has a good per formance no matter for on site works or casting prefabricated pieces.

Precast Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Camelway is a professional concrete machine manufacturer, we manufacture and sell 25-240m³ Precast Concrete Batching Plants all over the world, we'll supply more high quality concrete equipment to face the pre-fabricated construction world with constructors, welcome you to join us.

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