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Price Analysis of Small Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines


How Much to Set Up a Small Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines

What's the Small Concrete Batching Plant

The small concrete batching plant belongs to the HZS series. It is a device that equippent with the JS series double-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer. There are seldom models for small batching plants. The main models are HZS25, HZS35, and HZS50. The small batching plant has a small floor area and the production efficiency is not particularly high. It's important to choose suitable batching plants actual project need.

Composition of Small Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete mixer: 

Small Concrete Batching Plant adapts twin shaft concrete mixer, which has strong mixing ability, mixing quality and high productivity. The anti-adhesion technology on the mixer could effectively prevent cement from agglomerating on the shaft. The shaft end seal adopts a special multiple sealing structure to effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continuous and long-term operation of the entire mixing system.
Batching machine: The batching machine is a device for weighing the gravel aggregate. The small concrete batching plant uses the PLD series batching machine. It adopts the advanced international weighing system, which is accurate and stable with small errors.

Cement silo: 

Equipment for storing cement, fly ash, and other powder materials in small concrete mixing stations. You can choose the number of cement silos according to how many kinds of powder you need to produce concrete. The high-efficiency dust collector is installed in the cement warehouse of the small concrete mixing station, which has good environmental performance.

Screw conveyor: 

It is used in conjunction between the cement silo and concrete mixer. With a simple structure, it workes reliablily to transport powders to concrete mixer.

How much does it cost to build a small concrete batching plant ?

It mainly dependents on the Batching Plant configuration, and what' s the brand of the plant. Different configurations has different price lists, a small concrete batching plant has a small size, but it has almost all the compositions that the large batching plant has. The full set of configuration includes concrete mixer, material measuring equipment, material conveying system, material storage system and control system, but there are also some customers who choose not to use the whole set of equipment, or even just choose concrete mixer and batching machine, so the price gap is very large.
The investment cost of a small batching plant is not too high. After all, the equipment model is small. In addition, the amount of cement silos and external additives is less than that of the large concrete batching plant. It has a smaller footprint, which means there are more choice of placement at project construction site. At the same time, due to the simpler configuration, its relocation is also very convenient, which provides convenience for users who often move engineering sites.
Last but not least, the manufacturer is another key point of the small batching plant price. The equipment of the old brand manufacturers is more expensive than that of the small manufacturers. However, the equipment quality and after-sales service of the old brand manufacturers are more guaranteed.

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