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Concrete is the most commonly used building material. Today, many companies are producing concrete plants. The most popular are all kinds of concrete mini plants. Compact equipment for the production of concrete has advantages and disadvantages due to its inherent design and various properties. His production is smaller than traditional mixing plants. For example, Camelway Machinery produces and sells compact concrete production plants with productivity ranging from 10 m3 / h to 75 m3 / h. For small construction sites, this may be enough, but for industrial scale, this is not enough. In addition, the advantages of concrete production equipment include compactness and very short time from installation to commissioning.

Mini Concrete Batching plant For Sale

The small concrete batching plant includes the following components:

a frame on which a device for mixing concrete is mounted;  skip-type lift; hopper for placing aggregates;  concrete mixing device; dispenser that regulates the flow of water and various additives; cement control dispenser; a compressor that creates pressure in the supply system;  filter element; cement silo. Depending on the specific model and modification, the equipment may vary significantly.

Mini concrete plant Degree of automation

Concrete plants vary in degree of automation. Chemical additives and cement can be supplied both manually.

Various actions can be performed both with the help of the muscular strength of a person (closing the shutters), and using pneumatics. 

At the request of the customer, the products can be equipped with a variety of options. For example, the HZS35 model, which delivers about 35 m3 of concrete per hour, can be equipped with the following automation options: a Siemens control panel, which allows the plant to be programmed to perform certain actions. Also included in this kit is a Dell printer; sensors-dispensers of chemical additives, aggregates, cement. These devices allow you to track and adjust the content of certain additives in the solution.Camelway machinery manufacturers equip their mobile mini-concrete plants with the ability to control via the Internet, which allows you to program work without leaving your home.

How to choose Mini batching plant

There are now many different manufacturers of small concrete plants. the most important consideration when choosing a model is its strengths and weaknesses: simplicity or complexity of transportation and installation, work comfort, and performance. It is worthwhile to prioritize manufacturing companies that have long been on the market and have proven themselves to be reliable and superior. This will prevent various problems during factory installation and production setup.

Mini concrete factory installation video:

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