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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in South Africa


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in South Africa

Camelway mobile concrete batching plants that being sold in South Africa market have many features, thanks to the innovative progress in the production of concrete equipment from our engineers in the right to be called the new generation mobile plants.

Mobile concrete batching plant plants have the main advantage to move from one site to another. For their installation, foundation pouring is not required in order to achieve the desired result for a fairly flat surface.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in South Africa

Mobile concrete batching plants help to quickly resolve issues with timely delivery of ready-mixed concrete and allow you to not depend on the availability of quality roads to the construction site.

A specially designed unique design system for the mobile concrete batching plant of camelway allows you to place all the necessary elements on the chassis.

A mobile concrete batching plant based on a car reduces the time required for dismantling the installation, it will give permission to get to work faster and reduce downtime. In addition, it is no longer necessary to involve a large number of experts in working with our mobile concrete batching plants, and this will make it possible to reduce the risks associated with the transportation and operation of the concrete plant on wheels.

The production of this mobile plant requires serious scientific and technical skills. Compared with other brands, our company have the following advantages.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant advantages

  1. Transportation of the plant with one tractor
  2. compact desige, smaller space requirement
  3. 1 to 3 days of installation completed
  4. high accuracy of concrete mix production
  5. Easy to maintain
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