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Portable concrete batching plant is also called mobile concrete batching plant. It is a very popular batching plant. It belongs to small concrete equipment. Because of its high mobility, customers like it. The production of traditional stationary concrete batching plant The output is generally 25m³ / h ~ 240m³ / h, but compared with the portable concrete batching plant, the mobile concrete batching plant can produce up to 75 cubic meters per hour. The portable concrete batching plant uses modular processing, which can Disassembly and installation at any time, due to its compactness, the appearance looks very beautiful, because the portable concrete batching plant often moves, there will be bumps on the road, so when designing and producing, all of his materials are made of high-quality steel The quality can be imagined.

Portable Concrete Batching Plant

Portable concrete batching plant Manufacturer

The portable concrete batching plant has very high production requirements. Some small mechanical construction equipment companies can't reach the production technology, so it is difficult to produce high-quality equipment. If you find a middleman, the price of the equipment must be very high, Therefore, when buying a mobile concrete batching plant, you must find a long-term manufacturer of large concrete batching plants. Camelway, as a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plant, has thirty-six years of rich production experience and is able to produce various types of concrete batching plant. 

Camelway is a famous batching plant manufaturer from China

The company has various cases for customers' reference, no matter how complicated the environment or the terrain How difficult to handle, we all have a wealth of processing experience. For our after-sales service, no customer said that it is bad, they all trust us very much. We have installed equipment all over the world and can visit it at any time. We are A manufacturer specializing in concrete batching plant is more professional because it only manufactures batching plant.

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