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Used Concrete Batching Plant And New Concrete Plant Difference


Many customers who want to buy concrete batching plants have considered such a problem. Is buying a new concrete batching plant or a used concrete batching plant? So today I will analyze the most suitable concrete batching plant based on more than ten years of installation experience.

New Concrete Batching Plant cost

If the customer wants to purchase a complete set of new HZS75 concrete batching plant (75m3/h concrete batching plant), the estimated value is about 44,000 US dollars , a set of used HZS75 concrete batching plant price + shipping + accessories is almost a new price 80%, relatively speaking, the used batching plant is cheap, but the used batching plant spends much more money than the new batching plant in the process of use. 

Used Concrete Batching Plant And New Concrete Plant Difference

The price of a used concrete batching plant is 80% of the price of the new concrete batching plant, which is 44,000×80%=35200 US dollars. After purchase, you need to transport, install and replace the old parts. The price is basically a price with the brand new batching plant, plus the use of the process, because it is old equipment, it will inevitably have some minor problems, replace the accessories or something,If you buy is personal , equipment problems, there is no after-sales service, can only solve their own, this is relativeto the new batching plant is a very big drawback.

Used Concrete Batching Plant And New Concrete Plant Difference

For example, Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd., if you buy a new concrete batching plant, shipping, installation costs, after-sales are all borne by us, it will save you a lot of trouble, we will also give a lot of wearing parts, so count, new concrete mixing The station is more cost-effective than the old one.

Camelway Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing HZS concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, and other batching plants, perfect after-sales service, looking forward to cooperating with you.

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